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The Monyak family decided to board their 2 dogs when they took a vacation in France. The Monyaks gave special instructions to the caretakers to give an anti-inflammatory prescription to one of the dogs. Unfortunately, the kennel gave it to the wrong dog who died from an overdose shortly after the family returned. The Monyak’s sued The Inn, one of five Atlanta-area kennels run by Barking Hound Village that advertises its “private suites and secluded areas for rest and relaxation.” The question of damages has made its way to the state’s highest court.

1. What have courts typically upheld in these types of cases?
2. What is Barking Hound Village’s view as filed in their brief?
3. Why is the kennel’s argument hypocritical? What do you think this will do to the image of the company and its future viability from a cost benefit standpoint?
4. What is unique about a pet’s value and how would you argue this case from a pro-pet position?

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