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It is likely that when you get your first job or when you move to a new job that you will be asked about enrolling in a long-term care insurance benefits program. According to Ms. Siegel, one of the most important reasons for people buy long-term care insurance is to avoid burdening a spouse or grown children when they can no longer care for themselves. However, navigating the claims process for long-term care insurance is very difficult and requires an understanding of deductibles, eligibility, restrictions regarding licensed caregivers, terminology related to the types of facilities covered, alternate plans of care, and how to processMEDICAID-1-articleLarge proper documentation.

1. Do you think that the CPA could provide an eldercare service that would help streamline the process addressed in this article? Outline possible services in your answer.
2. Which of the factors mentioned in the article do you think are the most difficult to address and why?
3. Based on the article, what would be your advice to one of your clients, future clients, or your mom or dad who asks you the costs and benefits of taking out a long-term care policy? Be as specific as possible in what you would advise them to do.


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