The Bond Documents Tell the Story

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Pharell Williams, Grammy-winning singer and producer, pitched his idea for a surf park in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2017. Now there’s a bit of action on the long-awaited project. Questions: Source: Smith, A.N. (2023) Pharrell Williams-Backed Surf Park to Tap $121 Million of Bonds. The Washington Post, Jan. 31 (Retrievable online at… Read more »

The Airline Industry in Africa is Expected to Boom in the Coming Year(s)

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Africa is a continent with the 2nd largest population but only 3% of the global air traffic. The region’s economies are growing robustly and by all indications will continue to do so in the coming years. With a rise in GDP, a corresponding rise in demand for aviation services is to be expected. Questions: 1…. Read more »