DMX’s attorney cannot persuade the judge to go light on the tax fraud

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Rapper DMX’s attorney played the rapper’s song “Slippin’” during his sentencing on Wednesday to help the musician express his struggles, but it was not enough to convince a judge to let the rapper off the hook. Instead DMX got 1 year in prison for tax fraud. Questions: 1. According to court records, how long did… Read more »

Tax Fraud in South Florida? Surely you jest?

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In North Miami, Josue Pierre took a shortcut into the easy-money underworld of tax fraud by using an “electronic filing identification number” — EFIN for short, and stolen IDs to file hundreds of fabricated online tax returns. Questions: 1. Why does Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Berger say that using EFINs is like “tax fraud on… Read more »

Is it wise to taunt the IRS and the Tampa Police Department on Facebook?

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As accounting firms frantically work during this season to prepare 2013 tax returns, this story takes a look back at the story of the “Queen of Tax Fraud.” Rashida Wilson, a 27-year-old Tampa woman, who once taunted police and bragged about her ill-gotten millions on a social media website, won’t be a free woman until… Read more »