We Committed, but We’re Doing a “Take-Back”

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According to the New York Times, financial giants are trimming their climate pledges amid Republican attacks. Questions: Source: Gelles, D. More Wall Street Firms Are Flip-Flopping on Climate. Here’s Why. The New York Times, Feb. 19 (Retrievable online at https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/19/business/climate-blackrock-state-street-jpmorgan-pimco.html)

A Back Door or Bribery?

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JP Morgan’s “Sons and Daughters” hiring program is under scrutiny by federal regulators. Confidential documents obtained from the company are being explored to shed light on whether the program indicates wrongdoing by the bank to hire children of China’s ruling elite, in order to secure existing and future business from Chinese-government-run companies. Questions: 1. Based… Read more »