Where in the world are all the vinyl records going?

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Hoarding goes beyond compulsive collecting, affecting finances and other areas of the hoarder’s life. Unable to stop buying records, Zero Freitas, a wealthy Brazilian businessman, follows a therapeutical quest to acquire precious and neglected records that haven’t been preserved or transferred to digital files. This post examines what is going on with the world’s vinyl… Read more »

Audit Firm Rotation – Coming to a Theater Near You?

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On Wednesday, November 30, the Internal Market Commissioner, Michel Barnier, suggested that radical changes are needed for auditing firms. Barnier said recent apparent audit failures at AngloIrish and Lehman Brothers banks, BAE Systems and Olympus “would strongly suggest that audit is not working as it should”. Under Barnier’s plan, the four top firms will have… Read more »

Visual Forensic Accounting Skills Are Assets In Divorce Consulting

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Clearly laying out key ideas and arguments that support divorce proceedings are becoming a critical success factor for forensic accountants who consult in this area. As author, Dan Roam The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam asserts visual thinking is critical in the business world and forensic accounting is no exception.  For the forensic accountant,… Read more »