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According to the Washington Post, Adidas has more than $500 million of Kanye West sneakers, with no good options for getting rid of them. (See the video for new developments.)


  1. What cost Kanye West most of his empire of wealth and fame?
  2. When did Adidas end its relationship with Kanye?
  3. What other celebrity was mentioned in this article that cost another shoe company millions of dollars and why?
  4. What other fashion brands have received negative press because they destroyed their own merchandise (by burning) to preserve their brand?
  5. What option was mentioned at the end of the article that might allow Adidas to gain a bit of goodwill from the bad Kanye situation?
  6. How do you feel about the agreement mentioned in the video? What are the ethical issues?


Mark, J. (2023). Adidas has $500 million worth of Kanye West sneakers and no good options. The Washington Post, Feb. 27 (Retrievable online at