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One of the most read articles by the BV Wire in 2020 was one summarizing the thoughts on the impact of the crisis on valuations by the Business Valuation Update Editorial Advisory Board, in both the U.S. and around the globe.


  1. Edwina Tam, partner at Deloitte in Hong Kong, suggested that issues to be considered in business and valuation assumptions included “store or facility closures.” Give at least five examples of store closures during 2020.
  2. Harold Martin, partner-in-charge of valuation and forensic services for Keiter in Richmond, Virginia, suggested that valuations should consider reporting material developments as subsequent event. What particular examples can you list that would be material developments when the COVID virus started to spread in early March?
  3. John-Henry Eversgerd, senior managing director of the valuation and litigation consulting practice in the Sydney Australia’s office of FTI Consulting, suggested that significant asset impairments would be reported in a number of industries. Discuss what industries these were and why.


BV Wire Staff. (2020). Thoughts and advice on valuations amid the COVID-19 crisis. BV Wire, March 25 (Retrievable online at Thoughts and advice on valuations amid the COVID-19 crisis | Business Valuation Resources (