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According to the New York Times, L Brands (the parent company for Victoria’s Secret and Bed, Bath & Beyond) has somehow avoided the messy board scrutiny of cronyism and time devoted to gender misconduct and sexual harassment training. Instead, the company has focused on the practice of retaliation against those alleging sexual harassment complaints.


  1. At the middle of this story is Monica Mitro, one of the highest-ranking female executives. Why didn’t Ms. Mitro go to Human Resources with her allegations of inappropriate treatment?
  2. For the accounting professional, why is this case important?
  3. What happened after she went to a person she thought she could trust and who was this person within L Brands?
  4. Why didn’t the Board do anything about this situation?
  5. What happened as a result of Ms. Mitro’s retaliation lawsuit?
  6. Opinion: Do you think that L Brands is unique?


Stewart, J.B. (2020). A Top L Brands Executive Complained of Harassment. Then She Was Locked Out. The New York Times, Feb. 3 (Retrievable online at