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What do you remember about Valentine’s Day in elementary school? Cards and Valentine’s Day candies with different sayings? But not this year!
The cute, chalky little inscribed hearts will not be produced or sold this year after a 153-year tradition.

1. According to Kyle, how old was the company that made the Valentine’s candy when it was sold at auction after bankruptcy? What were some of the reasons for its bankruptcy?
2. What does NECCO stand for? (See Wikipedia for NECCO.)
3. What is the story of the assets of Necco? Did all the brands stay with one company? (See Kyle and Wikipedia for NECCO.)
4. Is this the end of Sweethearts (also known as conversation hearts)? (See Wikipedia for Sweethearts and Gray News.)
5. The UK has a similar type of candy. What is it called? (See Wikipedia for Sweethearts.)
6. What does Round Hill Investments have to do with the history of Necco? (See Carlock.)

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