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In November 2017, manager, Fox Lui, wanted everyone to know that an employee was leaving the Meitu company because he had fired her, so he blasted her for poor execution and not embracing the company’s “user-first” values in a posting for all to see.

1. What is Meitu’s main business?
2. What does the company say its values are?
3. What were some of the problems with the company’s apps and the company itself?
4. Economically, how is the company doing? (From beginning of IPO launch to now.)
5. What happened to this executive?

Price, R. (2018). An exec at a $4.4 billion tech company fired a woman then put her on blast in a team-wide memo: Inside the nightmarish culture of a fast-growing Chinese beauty app. Business Insider, July 16 (Retrievable online at