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If you were a fan of Diet Coke’s variations of lime, lemon, mango, orange, and cherry, they have been quietly phased out of stores and online.

1. When were the products launched? (click on the hyperlink in the article which says: “massive overhaul of Diet Coke”)
2. The move was made to attract millenials. Why do you think they might have rejected the new Diet Coke?
3. Explain what the rebranding initiative involved.
4. Why does this appear to have been a significant loss for Coke? How do you think they will report it in their financial statements?
5. How old is Diet Coke?

Wong, V. (2018) Coca-Cola Quietly Killed Diet Coke Lime, And Diet Coke Cherry Is Hanging By A Thread. BuzzFeed News, July 3 (Retrievable online at