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In a ballroom of a mountain lodge, diversity coach Miguel Joey Aviles, asked whether anyone knew how to merengue. Only two replied: Yes.

These were Branson Missouri managers, who said they’re desperate for employees and are paying $50 each for the workshop. They came from hotels, hospitals, hardware stores and banks. The goal of “Hispanics 101” is to urge Branson employers to stay champions of Puerto Rican workers that have been recruited to the town, long after their first day on the job.



  1. What is some of the miseducation that has spread about this movement?
  2. According to this article, since last April, how many Puerto Ricans have been recruited?
  3. What problems has Branson had with recruiting foreign workers due to the actions of the Trump administration?
  4. What was the most interesting part of this article for you?


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