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In 2012, Forbes dropped J.K. Rowling after eight years on its authoritative billionaires list, saying high British taxes and large charitable contributions had eroded her fortune.

1. Why should Forbes rethink that?
2. If Rowling gets equivalent of Universal Studios Park ticket sales equal to Spielberg, how much of that would a $100 ticket yield her in just ticket sales?
3. Since Last year, NBCUniversal’s parent, Comcast, said overall theme park revenue jumped more than 60 percent to $1.4 billion. She also received a one-time licensing fee estimated at $60 million to $80 million and annual development fees. Like Mr. Spielberg, Ms. Rowling also gets a percentage of gross sales of merchandise, food and beverages. Present a rough estimate of what the Universal deal may have yielded for Ms. Rowling in one year.

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