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For quite a while, the state of Texas has allowed companies to opt out of workman’s comp and write their own benefit plans. As a result, benefits for the same body part can differ dramatically depending upon which company you work for.

1. Who is Bill Minick and what corporate movement is his firm behind?
2. How widespread is the movement? What states allow opting out of workman’s comp and what states are considering it?
3. Minick’s opt-out movement is supported by executives from what firms and why?
4. In many cases, who is the medical director charged with picking doctors and ultimately reviewing whether injuries are work-related? What types of internal controls are available to protect workers rights?
5. According to Minick’s firm’s vision,“We’re talking about reengineering one of the pillars of social justice…” Discuss what this means in terms of the costs and benefits, as you see them.

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Grabell, M. and Howard Berkes. Inside Corporate America’s Campaign to Ditch Workers’ Comp. (Retrievable online at