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One of my favorite quotes is that from author Wendy Mass: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” And so it seems that this story may illustrate it well. The article and video discuss the case of Jennifer Connell who sued her nephew, Sean Tarala, for $127,000 over an injury she suffered while at at his birthday party in Westport, Connecticut, four years ago. According to the suit, Connell fell and broke her wrist when she tried to catch Sean. Since that time, she has been condemned on social media as the “most wicked aunt” ever.

1. Jennifer lost her suit after 25 minutes of jury deliberation. Should she have won? If so, who do you think is to blame?
2. Did Jennifer get good legal advice in your opinion? What would you have done in this case?
3. Do you think this was the only way to have her medical bills paid? Discuss.

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