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Soomi Park, a futuristic artist and designer currently exhibiting at Biennale Internationale Design in France, has been intrigued with the issue of privacy, security, and mass-collection of personal data by governments and corporations. In response to the changes, her exhibit, The Republic of Privacy, focuses on an imagined utopia where citizens are guaranteed total privacy.

1. What does the dachshund have to do with this utopia and what is the device that the dog is wearing in the picture?
2. Who are “the Stasi” that she mentions with the strips of cloth from interrogation room chairs?
3. Why does she say her security solution is flawed?
4. Are there any other internal controls that use dogs? Discuss.

Buchan, K. (2015). ATM dog: Forgotten your pin? Please join the queue for the dachshund. The Guardian, April 9 (Retrievable online at