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A bitter legal battle is raging between a best-selling author and a management guru against America’s largest Greek yogurt manufacturer. For Chobani, it is a fight about an ambitious brand campaign and its straining process that is built around the phrase “How Matters.” For Dov Seidman, “How Matters” revolves around his business of helping companies create more ethical cultures.

1. According to accounting standards, what are the reporting and recognition standards for trademarks?
2. According to the article, there have been a lot of trademark lawsuits over common words but never one as generic as “how.” What two categories do these lawsuits fall in?
3. Based on this article, what category does this suit fall into and who do you think will prevail, if anyone?

Mahler, J. (2014). If the Word ‘How’ Is Trademarked, Does This Headline Need a ™ ? Chobani and Dov Seidman Wrestle Over Use of ‘How’ Trademark, The New York Times, Oct. 5