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According to a 2012 Harris survey, one in five U.S. adults has a tattoo, Interestingly, removing tattoos has also become a growing trade, as one in seven of these tattooed individuals express misgivings with their body art choices. In fact, some spend thousands of dollars for several searing laser sessions.

1. How many removals does the American Society for Dermatological Surgery estimate that their members made during 2012?
2. Which company introduced the first aesthetic laser device approved in the U.S. using pico-second technology in March 2013? What does the company’s stock sell for?
3. How much do these machines cost? Based on $2,000 for 10 laser treatments per patient, how many patients would a dermatologist need to breakeven on the machine alone?
4. Access the Cutera Company’s investor information at This company has two lasers systems awaiting U.S. approval for tattoo removal. What does the company’s stock sell for?
5. What are the risks that the article warns of?


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