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As accounting firms frantically work during this season to prepare 2013 tax returns, this story takes a look back at the story of the “Queen of Tax Fraud.” Rashida Wilson, a 27-year-old Tampa woman, who once taunted police and bragged about her ill-gotten millions on a social media website, won’t be a free woman until she’s 48 years old.

1. What did Rashida spend her stolen money on?
2. What was the name of the two-year tax fraud investigation that resulted in the arrest of 13 people, including Rashida Wilson, for charges including identity theft, scheming to defraud and fraudulent use of credit cards? Where did Rashida boast of her scam?
3. Who are Marterrence “Quat” Holloway and Maurice Larry and what connection did they have to Rashida Wilson? Explain their training parties.

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