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What a difference a year makes for Jamie Dimon! Last year, he had half of his paycheck cut to a measley $11.5 million for an embarrassing multi-million dollar trading blowup that resulted in $1 billion in fines. This year, after Chase paid the feds $20 billion in penalties for transgressions committed on Dimon’s watch, JPMorgan’s Board of Directors decided that Dimon should receive a raise.

1. Is the raise expected to restore him to his previous $23 million pay package?
2. What roles did Mr. Dimon play in Justice Department moves toward JPMorgan penalties for shaky mortgage investments and the Madoff fraud?
3. Perform a cost/benefit analysis of Jamie Dimon’s performance for JPMorgan. In other words, what things are positive that justify a raise? What things are negative that support the debate presented by a vocal minority of directors who want to keep his compensation largely flat?


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