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Watch out for bad information from your “expert” friends! That is what Jason Bourcier wishes that he would have done.  

Bad information tip #1: A friend told him that when the toll booths were unmanned after 11:30 p.m., you could use the road without paying on the Dulles Toll Road.
Bad information tip # 2: When working late one night, Jason asked a toll road attendant if the cameras were working when no attendants were on duty and the attendant said, NO.
Decision: Jason started going through the toll booths without paying
RESULT: Jason received a bill for $202,000 for violations beginning in 2009.


1. Will Jason have to pay the entire $202,000?  Discuss

2. How old will Jason be when he finally pays off his tolls?

3. Can Jason take any of this off on his income taxes?


Jackman, T. (2013). Reston man runs up $202,000 bill driving through E-ZPass gates without paying. The Washington Post, Nov. 24 (Retrievable online at