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Here’s an interesting case to watch. Steve Cooksey eats what he professes to be “a cave man diet.” On his blog, he says that it has lot of meat and greens, but no bread or pasta. He claims that the diet has helped him conquer diabetes. In North Carolina, where he lives, “assessing the nutritional needs of individuals and groups” without a license is a crime. His claim is that the First Amendment allows him to blog about his experience. A court case ensued.

1. From a legal, ethical, or business standpoint, do you think Mr. Cooksey needs a license?
2. Who is representing Mr. Cooksey? What types of litigation do they usually tackle?
3. Why does Mr. Cooksey hope he loses in the 1st round and the case goes to the Supreme court?

Source: Liptak, A. (2012). Blogger Giving Advice Resists State’s: Get A License. The New York Times, August 6 (Retrievable online at