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Dan Clark has been Warren Buffett’s bodyguard for almost two decades. Since Clark has cultivated his security skills, he has started a security company that now employs 150 guards and he has safeguarded others like Sarah Palin, George Clooney, Barack Obama, and the Iraqi Judge who oversaw the trial of Saddam Hussein, when they visited Nebraska.

1. What was one of the most notable threats to Warren Buffett?
2. How much did Warren Buffett pay for security in 2010? How does that compare to Walt Disney security costs for its president and CEO?
3. How do you think the security costs for Warren Buffett are accounted for (Journal entries)?
4. Many firms that have significant business internationally invest in kidnapping insurance for their top executives. Research “kidnapping insurance” on the Internet.
What did you find that was most interesting or surprising to you?

Source: Video. Security for the Super Rich.

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