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In May 2006, well-known Denver DJ, Steven B. Williams’ body was found dead off the in the waters off Santa Catalina Island with one bullet in his head. The case was cold until a salesman and ex-cop, Joe Parsetich, at a Great Falls, Montana, car dealership decided to check out a story from co-worker, Harvey Morrow, who said he had moved inland to Montana after his wife had died in a tragic boating accident, and he wanted to get as far from the ocean as he could.


1. What career did Harvey Morrow have before selling cars in Montana?
2. What was the motive for the killing?
3. Discuss this case in terms of the elements of the fraud triangle, given the limited information in the article.
4. Do you think that any controls should have been in place to prevent the original fraud? If so, what?
5. What do you notice about the video that is important to note in any type of interview regarding a fraud or crime?
6. What skill did Joe Parsetich use, that are also an important part of the skill-set for a forensic accountant or fraud examiner?


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