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Mercedes-Benz has long been at the forefront of creating safer cars and now they are aiming to create safer drivers. In December 2011, the company opened the its first driving school in the U.S. called Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy. Mercedes has three more in Europe). This school is located on Third Street in downtown Los Angeles. Open to drivers of all ages, its primary focus is teenagers, who want to get their California driver’s licenses and drive Mercedes in the process. The cost of the academy’s integrated program is $1,390, which includes 15 hours of online training, 10 hours in the classroom, five hours of workshops and 16 hours of behind the wheel coaching. The driving schools that the Bloomberg video showed are typically more expensive and generally focus on defensive driving skills of more experienced drivers.


1. Based on the video, what types of return investments do you think the luxury car makers are receiving from their “driving schools”?
2. What types of costs would be involved in the luxury car driving schools shown in the video?
3. Go to and customize your ultimate driving experience. What was the most interesting thing you noticed about this company?
4. For the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, what would be some fixed costs and what would be some variable costs? Can you think of any mixed costs that the company might have? Would these be different for Exotics Racing School?


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