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What radical thinking! Cashiers barred from interacting with customers until they have completed 40 hours of training? Hundreds of staffers sent on trips around the U.S. and world to become experts in their products? No mandatory retirement age? Never laying off workers? All profits reinvested in the company or shared with employees? This is the Wegman model, as a $6.2 billion-a-year, 79-store-supermarket chain with cult-like loyalty among its customers.


1. Can you buy shares of stock in Wegman? Discuss.
2. How many stores does the company open per year? Why?
3. Wegman’s vice-president says that “Our employees are our number one asset.” So where are employees listed on the financial statements? Discuss.

Rohde, D. (2012) The Anti-Wal-Mart: The Secret Sauce of Wegmans is People, The Atlantic, March 23 (Retrievable online at