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Tide is flying off the shelves, according to the Associated Press. Unfortunately, retailers are not seeing the profits from this familiar laundry soap. Instead, Tide has become a hot commodity among thieves at supermarkets and drugstores in at least some parts of the country. While the maker of Tide, Procter & Gamble, has been baffled about why the brand has gotten so much attention from thieves, law enforcement has discovered direct and indirect links to the exchange of the product for illegal drugs.


1. If a retailer uses a perpetual inventory method to account for Tide, what should they also follow up with to determine any shortages in the product?

2. If shortages of Tide are found, how should they be accounted for? Give an example including journal entries.

3. How should the extra expenses of security tagging Tide be accounted for? Give an example including journal entries.


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