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Tired of not getting paid what you’re worth (or not paid at all) and want to start your own, already-proven business? That’s what is intriguing about franchising. Pick a brand, pay your money, take your chances, and then you’re an entrepreneur. Running day-to-day operations and turning a profit is another matter, of course. However, success starts with picking the right system, because there are roughly 3,500 franchises to choose from.


1. The video talked about the top five types of franchises, but what are the top 10 actual franchise companies? (See
2. Look at the Forbes article. What four variables supported their recommendation for the best investments in franchises?
3. Now look at the Forbes “In Pictures: The Top 20 Franchises To Start,” which is hyperlinked in the article. Which one interests you and why? Use your accounting knowledge to explain. Discuss the risks and challenges involved.

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