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The abbreviation PPM stands for many things, including parts per million. But what does PPM stand for if you are an entrepeneur that is interested gaining funding for your business? When a company is looking to raise funds without an initial public offering, a private placement memorandum (PPM) is one of the best ways to raise capital. A company must have the consent of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) before this can be done, and will need an information memorandum along with the PPM. Because of the complexity of SEC rules and documentation, it is highly advised to seek a knowledgeable attorney to help throughout this process.


1.  What are the sections in a PPM?

2.  What should be the length of a PPM?

3. When Mike on the video talks about the internal route of raising funds, from an accounting standpoint, what is comparable to the Use of Funds table that he presents? Do you agree or disagree that all new companies can follow the model that Mike presents using Dell as an example?

4. If you presell like the Dell example in the video, how would you make the journal entries for the products that you sell? Give an example problem.


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