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According to Francine Glick, whose Livingston (N.J.)-based hand sanitizer company, Water Journey, LTD, is on pace to hit $40 M in sales in five years, a network of support is invaluable: “You’re running this race, and it’s not how fast you run or how hard you prepare. It’s all those people cheering you on.” Take a look at her recent pitch and see what you think.


1. Ms. Glick indicated that she needed funding of $2 million for a facility, research and development, working capital and additional staff. Make a realistic journal entry that Water Journey would make to record this transaction, assuming that the venture capitalists are sold on this investment. Indicate what assumptions you made.

2. Ms. Glick indicated that the venture capitalists would receive an ROI of 40%. What amount would this be, based upon their $2M investment, for the first year? How is ROI calculated?

3. Summarize the positive points made during Ms. Glick’s brief video pitch. What did the article indicate was the most difficult problem that entrepreneurs face?


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