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Eneslow – The Foot Comfort Center was founded in 1909 and is a family owned business providing high quality, stylish and comfortable shoes, as well as therapeutic accessories, on-site shoe makeovers and repairs and custom-made footwear. When New York State dropped Medicaid support for orthopedic shoes, Robert Schwartz saw his business drop by nearly 50%. As a result, he sought counsel and closed seven out of eight of the company’s stores in 1989. He used this as an opportunity to reposition the company’s products and now avoids the perception of being an “old ladies store.”

1. What were some of the key costs that Robert Schwartz probably eliminated in repositioning his store? What are some costs that Schwartz probably could not eliminate in the downsizing of his operations?

2. Schwartz mentioned that he went to a mentor/counselor about the downturn in his business. What type of services could you provide him as a CPA regarding increasing his business?

3. What was the old model that Eneslow followed? What is the new model according to the video?

4. Go to Eneslow’s website at Does the company still have one store? What are the most interesting/favorable things that you notice about the company’s website?


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