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According to these experts, it is possible that you can negotiate down your student loans. Outstanding student loan debt is a major problem for many graduates. It is possible to negotiate with your creditors and possibly reduce or even eliminate your student loan debt. If you’re not up to the negotiations yourself, you can hire a company to negotiate with creditors on your behalf. However, if you fully intend and have the ability to pay your debt, it’s usually better to contact your creditors yourself. If you reach the stage where you can’t keep up with the repayments, it’s vital that you contact your creditors as soon as possible and explain your situation.


1. What are the key issues to consider in the negotiations? What is the difference between consolidation and forgiveness?  From the loaning entity’s point of view, would the accounting be different for these two options?  

2.  What percentage of student loans did these experts indicate were in default?

3.  Which types of student loans did these experts suggest were easier to negotiate?


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