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Hart Main, age 13,  developed a new product called ManCans, candles with scents made specifically for men who don’t really want to smell like freshly laundered towels or a dewy forest. Basically, a typical ManCans scent is smells more like a fresh new baseball glove. It all started when his sister, age 12, started selling candles to raise money for school. Main wasn’t crazy about the girly scents and joked that there ought to be candles for guys — guys who didn’t want their bedrooms to smell like lavender soap. His mom encouraged her son to try to make some candles with a masculine aroma. ManCans now offers eight scents so far: New York Style Pizza, Grandpa’s Pipe, Sawdust, Campfire, New Mitt, Fresh Cut Grass, Coffee and, of course, Bacon.


1.  How much did Hart sell the original candles for? 

2.  By what percentage did he raise the price?

3.  Based on the total current orders, how much is Hart’s sales revenue?

4.  According to the article, pricing has been tricky to figure out. What information do you need to find out his breakeven point?

5.  ManCan’s has a charitable arm.  Explain what it is and how you think it should be accounted for.


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