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Are there things that you hate to do?  Sure, plenty!  Well now Green Goose, Inc. is trying to entice you to connect sensor activity to things to wide-spread activities, like how long you brush your teeth or how much you vacuum your house or apartment or how much energy you burn while riding your bike, or even how much water you use in the shower.  Originally, developed by a company of the same name to illustrate how an eco-friendly lifestyle could save you money, the “egg” has been re-purposed to turn the activities of everyday life into a sort of video game and tracking experience scores and unlocking rewards as part of the process.


1. Consider the following:

a. Perform a cost benefit analysis on Green Goose and brushing your teeth.

b. Perform a cost benefit analysis on Green Goose and riding your bike.

c. Perform a cost benefit analysis on Green Goose and the water you use in the shower.

2.  What were some of the most difficult assumptions you had to make for these analyses?

3. Discuss whether you believe this will be a successful entrepeneurial company.


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