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Weight Watchers’ CEO talks about keeping the company trim and profits healthy. Weight Watchers International, Inc. (WWI) is a consumer company and the provider of weight management services, operating through a network of Company-owned and franchise operations.


1.  According to the video, how much do consumers pay for Weight Watcher products? Discuss whether you think the future of the company would be good as an investment and why.

2.  According to the video, what differences has Weight Watchers had to consider to translate its models to different groups of people?

3. What is a mission driven culture that the CEO talks about in this video?

4.  What is the current price of the company’s stock?  What is the company’s P/E Ratio?  How do you interpret that? What is the company’s EPS? Look at Weight Watcher’s March 3, 2011 10-K.   What makes up the majority of the company’s assets and what percentage is that of total assets? Explain why you think this is so important to Weight Watchers.

5.  In the New York Times profile, what is the most interesting article you see about Weight Watchers? Why?

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