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Fabrice Tourre, a controversial personality in the Goldman Sachs Group Inc transaction of 2007, asked a judge to throw out a U.S. regulator’s fraud lawsuit against him.  About two and a half months ago, the bank settled its part of the case for $550 million.

In his filing, Tourre asked that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission case be dismissed because the 2007 “Abacus” transaction, which involved collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) tied to subprime mortgages, took place outside the United States.


1. What are collateralized debt obligations?

2. Where would CDOs appear in the financial statements of the bank that bought them?

3. Do you think he will prevail in his dismissal of the charges?

4.  How do you think the Goldman Sachs Group reported the $550 million settlement in its financial records?  


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